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     Turner Linked is a user-friendly project document collaboration system. It was designed, developed, and implemented at the SAN Terminal 2 West Expansion, a $470M design-build project. Built on Turner FMS’s c.docsTM platform, the project team created an icon-based interface to provide intuitive navigation and minimize user decisions for quick document retrieval. The new system activates unused features of SharePoint and enables integration with Bluebeam Revu. Turner Linked is the fusion of three software systems: Microsoft SharePoint for storing and organizing documents; Bluebeam Revu for processing and annotating documents; and a customized HTML IVUI (Intuitive Visual User Interface) for navigating to documents.

     Turner’s short definition of Lean is "reducing waste plus adding more customer value”. The IVUI is an HTML dashboard that helps to navigate the user to different areas of SharePoint. When using SharePoint as the main hub for document storage on a project, it can often become very difficult to find documents, particularly on a tablet.  People working in the construction industry tend to be visual and associate closer to pictures and graphics than text.  Using the IVUI dashboard as opposed to a text based interface better suits the visual cognitive style of the team members.  Time is one of the most valuable resources that we have on a project.  The easy navigation eliminates waste and adds customer value by providing the team with a quick and intuitive way to find documents.  

     Turner Linked is about storing, sharing, and simplifying document management. It provides the best tools possible for Turner projects making them more efficient, productive, and equipped to meet the dynamic needs of our business. It takes an integrated and interactive approach to collaboration and aligns with Turner’s key initiatives, Lean and Green. To quote Steve Jobs, “The design and aesthetics of a device are as important as the hardware and software inside”. At the SAN Terminal 2 West Expansion project, we aspired to exemplify this quote. We designed a site that is inviting and intuitive, flexible and customizable, and most importantly brings the entire project team together on one system that they really like using.

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